Thursday, October 06, 2011

Feeling Better.

The word is spreading in our small town that we're going to need... you know, CUSTOMERS, to survive. It's freeing to have that out there.

New produce supplier. In addition, not instead. For the first time, we have shallots, leeks, other good things. We have a big opportunity this weekend to wow people, as our town is putting on its third art crawl, a super-neat thing that will have scores of disposable-income folks traipsing by my store. They won't be hungry, but hopefully, we can impress them with some holiday ordering-- cooking class-general neat destination stuff.

It never stops.

Other than the customer-money, I completely love it. This is the first non-family/k/babies/home project I have ever had that engrosses me.


Awesome party at our house last night. I threw a "Because It's Fall" get-together. 11 kids under the age of 5. 13 or so adults. Clean house. Good food. Kids playing into the night in the garden, playing tag and Dead and wearing butterfly wings. Bonfire. Tipsy dads throwing hot coals (not my sweetie, though). Good times and I'm glad I did it.

Had a nice talk with my Dad today.


Kids are great. K's a little grumpy with me at the moment but he's got to get over it... Sunday's my birthday!


Anonymous said...

you rock. always and in every way.


funny side note---you know how when you post a comment, you have to type in 2 "random"words to prove you're not spam??

Mine are: palin gyp"-----heh heh!

Shannon said...

I love your store! It looks exactly like my idea of a perfect grocery store where i'd come and buy all my goodies! I'm sorry i don't live closer!! Keep it up....

Eliza said...

The apartment looks like it belongs in an anthropology catalogue! You should submit it!