Monday, October 17, 2011

at long last

well, I turned 29. Which was awesome. As birthdays generally are. Presents, cake, breakfast in bed-- who could ask for more?

Weather's great. Store's kicked up a notch these last 2 weeks (keep your fingers seriously crossed). K's cute. I lost 9 pounds. Kids are growing up and smart and funny and Annaliese currently has three jars of mustard in her fort on the porch, I found out this afternoon. She dips her fingers into it and eats it "for her breath."

We went canoeing yesterday. Going on a Mommy-trip to the zoo on Wednesday. I'd like my house to stay clean longer (top-to-bottom twice a week! gah!) and to have a movie-night out with K and to lose another 5 pounds without thinking about it and for our lame-ass internet to get its act in gear, but mostly, everything's great.


Regina said...

Happy Birthday, A.
Sorry, you don't know me. I like your blog a lot and live in Australia until we're back to Virginia.
Your problem with the store has been bothering me and I think I've firgured out WHY people go elsewhere for their "real" shopping:
You've made it too special. Your store is SO gingham and vintage cake stands that people feel like everything's a treat, an indulgence, no matter the actual price.
Here is OZ, they'd say, "it's all a bit precious."
Now, I feel confident you won't switch to industrial floors and 24 hour flourescent lighting and I really don't have any suggestions for you; I just wanted to tell you what I think.

Anonymous said...

Regina, you may not know this either but A. is from Virginia and her momma is still there--and anyone who likes her blog is a friend of mine! Y'all come see us when you get back, you hear??

See,people care about your store all the way to Ozland,A.!!!
A's Mum

Regina said...

Thank you.
Re-reading my post, it sounds a lot less kind than I meant it. I truly hope you weren't offended.
We'll be back in Culpeper County in August. There's heaps of Virginians here in Alice Springs. 105 today as summer is just gearing up.
Best of luck!