Sunday, January 02, 2011

White Christmas

It really happened.

I know, I know, the East Coast was paralyzed. But here in Mississippi, a little girl and her awesome auntie suited up and went out into the snow.

The snow was gone by the afternoon, but the snowman stayed on our porch for days.

I feel about 100 times better this week than I did last weekend. But even in the midst of blah-ness and the sore throat, watching my kids with eliza and nonni was awesome. It's an amazing thing, the ability of the extended family to take the new children of the next generation-- ones they had no part in creating-- in as their own.

It was super. Thanks, family!
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Anonymous said...

Just sorry we are no longer part of the extended family memories-in-the-making holidays with y'all - looks like such great fun! - but sending a gigantic virtual bear hug to all! Miss you TONS! - LOVE from Auntie Johna