Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two dAYS aGO nOW, a bOY and a Ballerina

She took her crazy "Baby Doggie" to class. They were both pink. He and the sunglasses were her idea.

Caspian isn't supposed to have a pacifier in his mouth, but he found it. It was his idea. He also likes touching his sister's candyfloss hair.

She is a little bit of a diva. And she loves her ladybug bag. Her tap shoes are in it. As well as a quarter. That was her idea.

Caspian likes the cap on the screw that holds the toilet down. This photo was not my idea. They weren't listening. We were late for class. Everyone wants a picture of his haircut.

At least you can see the back.

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Anonymous said...

She's a "little bit of a diva"? More than a little----

Love these photos----thank you!

Anonymous said...

wow..Caspian is almost as tall as his Big Diva Sister!!!
They are fascinating to watch.So smart and fun.
Great haircut!!
Time flies.
greetings from a rainy Virginia

Vinnie+ said...

I love this blog....