Thursday, August 20, 2009

My sister and my dad are arriving tonight.

This is big news, as Eliza has been in Australia and Shanghai and Dad has never been to Mississippi since we moved here.

Pics to come!


It has been a sad week in our town. A toddler who had wandered onto the busy road in front of her house got hit by a truck. The driver of the truck is recently widowed and was so upset he had to be sedated. K. had a very scary incident with our truck, and was towed home on his way back from Detroit. The lady in charge of the baby's room at Annaliese's play school found out yesterday that her Hodgkins Lymphoma is back.

More reminders that life can change irrevocably in an instant and that no blessing can be taken for granted.

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Big D said...

many prayers and thoughts of love headed your way, my dear. and some strength and patience thrown in there for good measure (I know that family guests can take double the energy of either taken apart!)