Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brace Yourselves

All four of Annaliese's eyeteeth are coming in and she's having a tough time. Snot. Cough. Rash. Short naps and staccato nights. There have been no subsequent big-girl-bed nights or potty pees, though she did deliberately pee in the dog dish yesterday.

Caspian is waking up to the world around him and proving to be a good-natured cutie pie who likes pink elephants.

I took pics of the farmers yesterday for our webpage. The market is going well, but I'll admit that it's kind of hectic this year. I spend more time policing my kids than shooting the breeze, and that's never fun.

Here are two-- the first is Annaliese's surrogate grandpa and good friend, the second a rather random character who cuts lawns and sells blueberries. He has a fantastically southern Gothic name, but I probably shouldn't put that in the Internet.

The weather is holding steady at hot. I've done a lot of dishes.

There, that bland enough for you?

I never really intended for this blog to be read by my mother-in-law, my aunts, my mom's friends, and Lord knows who else. I try not to think about it, because if this blog becomes a place for me to post pics of my kids and lie about how great everything is going, then it becomes a chore.

Instead I think of it more as sort of random outbursts about whatever is on my mind, good and bad, cuss words and all, which only imaginary people read. Oh. And pictures of my kids.

So, now that we've sorted the imaginary non-judgemental people from those who are closing their browsers and will wait for my annual Christmas card...

K. and I have been having a tough time lately.


I know, we're only the World's Most Fated Couple, but throw romantic soul-mates together along with two kids under two, incontinent and flea-ridden dogs, bills, renovation projects, and-- as always-- too little sleep and pretty much zero time together, even WE descend into higher levels of snarkiness, hurt feelings, and general sniping over Who's Doing More.

(By the way, I WIN. BECAUSE BUSINESS TRIPS = VACATION AND SO DOES WORK. Any time you can excuse yourself to go to the bathroom means that you're in the lap of luxury.)

(Just kidding, honey.)

I know why we're snarky-- like, duh!-- and I know things will get easier as the kids sleep more and blah blah blah. I mean, we haven't left kids for so much as an hour with anyone else in over a month, and by the time they're asleep, we're ready to collapse too. it's what they call a wearing situation.

(This Situation Will Change, by the by. We're just saving our pennies for our vacation later this month to Vermont. When we get back and all the freaking insurance premium checks have cleared we're instituting date night, like every other boring-but-still-married couple out there. Cos I love him so and we're staying married forever.)


In other news, K. cleaned Boatie til she gleams and fixed the motor mounts so that the hood doesn't vibrate at an idle.

Boatie, for those who haven't met her, is my navy-blue 24-year-old Diesel Mercedes station wagon. I really, really love her. Even if her radio and AC doesn't work and her cruise control tries valiantly but pretty much is useless.

I love her. She is my dream car. And the fact that she's got two car-seats in the back doesn't detract from her overall coolness one whit. I keep the windows down, my shades on, and purr along through town five miles below the speed limit, because she's just that kind of car.

Plus she feels kind of whacked out and confused at high speeds.

Someone asked me the other day how her pick-up was, and I, confused, said "fine?"

"No, I mean can you pass people?"

I snorted. "Pass people? I don't pass people. People pass ME."

I've had cars I liked before-- my Subaru comes to mind-- but man, do I feel like one hot-ass mom driving around in Boatie. Go figure. K likes to laugh, shake his head, and say-- "she really is the perfect car for you."

Plus, despite the fact we've spent more than her purchase price on various things and flibber-gibbits (ask K for the technical details, all I know is she doesn't whine at high speeds anymore but I still don't have AC), she's still coming in at under 5k.


K. is going to Detroit tomorrow. He will miss two dinner/bath/bedtime madnesses. I am jealous of this.


The skeeters are really bad?

We accidentally hard-boiled an egg that had a half-way-formed baby chicken in it?

We took both kids to a restaurant for lunch after church today and there was minimal tears but disappointing food?

That's the word folks. Hope all you imaginary people are having fine weekends.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not imaginary and i like it BETTER when you write the realistic stuff! Keep it coming!

I also LOVE that Annaliese peed in the dog dish. :):):)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you have a blog that requires a pass word,so you can give it only to the people you want to know every detail of your life?
Just a thought.Security reasons,too.

Anonymous said...

If you password protect me outta here, I will hack into this blog and lurk like a stalker!!!!!

And thank god you wrote what every single one of us has thought, felt, been through, lied about and forced our closest friends to listen to = real life with small bits and a dearly loved husband who gets to take out the frickin trash with narry a thought!

This here be the real world, girlfriend, and the very reason God made cuss words. Duh.


Anonymous said...

I love it too,N.--the peeing in the dog dish bit---really really takes me back!-- to her auntie peeing in slippers,trashcans and whatever else was convenient.For her, that is---

Sam said...

Oh my goodness - yes, I remember the times where I thought that surely work was a vacation, with all that UNINTERRUPTED BATHROOM TIME! "Hello, did you have to BREASTFEED while you peed, honey? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!"

Here's hoping that date night will definitely give y'all some good-together-time with uninterrupted potty time for everyone! That doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean.

You are an amazing mama and your kiddos are beautiful. Psst...I'm a MS mama, too.