Monday, April 13, 2009

Mama Bell

So it turns out that when you wake up on a Saturday morning and check your email and find that you owe AT&T $427 because the international calling plan you THOUGHT you'd signed up for didn't go through and so you've been charged $3.68 a minute instead of 9 cents, so you call them and plead and say but I've been a customer for 2+ years, always paid on time, and I really truly thought I'd signed up for your worldwide value plan, and then when they refuse to help you out, get pissy and then say, well fine, then go ahead and disconnect me because I will NOT be paying nearly $200 for a single less-than-an-hour phone call to my sister...

they will.

Even though it's the weekend.

New phone and wireless at the new house this weekend. Expect Easter pictures (Annaliese looked ad-ORABLE) as well as new house pictures.


Anonymous said...

Good! You better not ever go back to them!! Bad customer service companies should go out of business!

Anonymous said...

try tti national. there's a monthly minimum ($25 worth), but if you talk a whole lot, it is worth it because the rest of the minutes are two cents per.

Anonymous said...

SKYPE her!!
Eliza has an account...
Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please get a skype account! Then you can skype with me, too. That is if you want to. It would save me some money on my phone bill!