Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ah, blogging. How I've missed you.

It is a mystery to me where the hours and days go. But go they sure do.

We are more-or-less moved in; K's 3-day-5-night illness has meant that not too much else has happened, other than we had a lot of fights about how I treat him when he's sick.

I am at the wake-multiple-times-a-night uncomfortable stage of pregnancy (month 8! woo! next visit the midwife gives me a birth kit!) and Annaliese has had an ear infection, a 12-hour-fever, and has currently moved onto a chesty cough, as well as two molars pushing their way through, so the past ten days has been a bit worriesome as a mother (Me, four a.m.: what if she has meningitis? If she does, then her legs will hurt. Okay, go into the nursery and move her legs. Even though she's asleep. Is anyone else kind of anxious in the wee hours?) But as always, I reassure myself that if she's going number 2 and eating, we're probably okay. And at those two activities, Annaliese excels.

But other than the faint stink of dead animal wafting over from the rental house next door (I think something is under their foundation) and the fact that Dido is now gone more than she's home, due to 1. her hatred of our family 2. her love of our neighbors and 3. her escape-artist tendencies, all is well.

Pics later.

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Anonymous said...

And yes, we've missed you too!