Monday, November 17, 2008


Someday I intend to sit down and write a thoughtful well-reasoned post about one of the thoughts that pop up as I am walking the dogs/ changing a diaper/ picking up pieces of mashed banana, but today is not someday.

So in no particular order:

We saw a movie yesterday! Me and K.! On a date! I really like my husband, and it was super-nice to spend 107 minutes of 007 time snuggled into his arm and trying to share the wonton soup we'd snuck into the theater. Plus the advantage of living out of town is we got to spend the drive TALKING. Also nice.

Annaliese had a fab time playing with Billy, the 15th-month-old of our good friends who have a kciakss farm, and she received her first on the lips kiss, a fact her papa is not too pleased about. But then again, we kiss her on the mouth all the time. So I guess it was her first NON-FAMILIAL lip-kiss (did I mention K. and I used to be cousins?)

She is also this-close to walking. Standing all the time, stretching down to pick things up and then righting herself, stepping while holding onto something for balances' sake. She's just brilliant.

It is cold and clear and sunny, and I have to pluck the lower leaves from my Brussel Sprout plants. My leeks and carrots are coming along, and the kale, to K's horror, is ready to eat. Broccoli heads have just begun to form. I love fall gardens.

The house across the street progresses. I look out my front window a lot to see what the guys are doing; they've almost finished the foundation work, and then we'll be getting a roof! Oo la la, so fancy!

Oh, and last night, I went to bed at 8:30. A fact that K is mildly horrified with and that I am completely delighted about. 


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Big D said...

Does K not like Kale?
I never liked it until Jeff Hunt cooked it for me and I fell in love.
I don't know what it is that he did to it but it was gooooooooood.

as for the kissin' - I always struggle about whether it is better for girls to have very strict personal space boundaries or very loose ones, and frankly, as a girl myself with quite strict boundaries, I wish that I were a bit looser... yeah, that came out well, didn't it. Seriously, though, I wish i weren't quite as guarded with my personal space. I like it that she's kissing older men because I am not. You go, girl! Kiss lots!

Anyway, obviously I have baggage and it's good I'm not her mama so that I don't play out my neuroses on her... I'll just have my own and screw *them* up ;)

Steph's baby bump is progressing, by the way, a fact that she is lamenting by buying new undergarments :)

I have a package that i haven't mailed yet but i will sometime this week, so you should look for it early next week. it's totally random, but those are my favorite.

As for A walking...
I can't wait to see some video