Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hey, i made the bed.

k. has a cold.

after a day of stomach bug probably caused by me feeding her some questionable yogurt (yay for poisoning the baby! best mother EVER!), Annaliese's superb immune system succumbed to said cold.

And K. has to go to work (despite being sick), so there is no Mama-break-Wednesday this week.

Which in turn means that the OB appointment I've been looking forward to and was supposed to happen an hour ago got pushed back to Dec. 4th, since there ain't no way I'm taking my tired uncomfortable sniffly little girl into Oxford and there's no one to leave her with.

Which means that by the time I actually see a doctor regarding the baby that's theoretically in my womb, I'll be like a 100 weeks pregnant, aka 13! Which is practically into the second trimester!

Batting a thousand over here, but doing my best.

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Big D said...

we came up with a really appellation for a fetus the other day when we were all sitting around in Lauren's office, "working"...


So, maybe the nougat has nuts, maybe it doesn't?