Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Sentence Updates

On the child: She's still alive.

On motherhood: I'm a little bipolar on this, because depending on the day (and the night that preceeded it), I'm either like, eh, hand wave, it's fine, not so bad, we're doing well; or I'm clutching at my hair and googling like mad because I'm doing EVERYTHING WRONG.

On the novel: Really, people, I'm working on it, five days a week, often with a baby attached to me.

On marriage after baby: I miss K.

On Clinton vs Obama vs McCain: I feel the same way about them as I do about baby experts, meaning that I can see the points of each and every one of them; Clinton tries so hard, don't you feel for her? And Obama's totally too cool for school-- really, he's just so cool, plus he'll probably win and it's always fun to be on the winning rockstar side, while McCain-- besides the fact that he went to my prep school, the man's a hero, that tough gritty kind of hero that puts James Bond to shame, what's not to dig?


Big D said...

you know, even if you totally screw her up, she'll still be able to coast by on her good looks ;)

it's a good thing you're the mom and I'm not, because I didn't walk Madeline even ONE DAY last week. If she were a plant, she'd be dead.

on Hillary - she is trying so hard. it's like she did everything she's supposed to do, checked off all the boxes, and she's still getting killed by obama because he's so cool. ::sigh:: I know that feeling. And yet, I still hate her. the 08 election is already a wild ride.

Carrefour said...

Hillary is totally Tracy Flick from the movie Election.

Which, if you haven't seen, you must see right now.

Anonymous said...

Ok kids, this comment from from one of those white women of a "certain age" who's been in the trenches of white male bastions, digging like crazy----remind me to tell you someday a few of my war stories from
Wall Street in the old days,if you haven't already heard them a thousand times----I'm supposed to be one of HRC's core supporters. And I tried, I really tried last summer, went down to the bottom of every one of my perceptions of her and I came out on the other side in the same place. Lots of reasons but the big ones for me were these: I believe fervently that we in the USA are driving right over a cliff that will impact us all,but particularly you all in the younger generations, and we need an immediate and clean break with the drivers. And absolutely the only way to effect that is not to have politicians who are chiefly funded by those same narrow parochial interests, as both Hilary and yes, John McCain are. And the second major consideration is temperment: who has the better temperment, not just in the sense of being the "coolest" but the possibility of being open to experience and able to learn from mistakes and other people.And charecter. That's a calculated risk, definately, to make the kind of assessment because after all we don't really KNOW these people.But in the end, that's all we can do----because how can anyone really have a "resume" that qualifies them to be all of what a good president must be???
Bless you all-

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