Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby girl slept from 10.30-2 last night, then nursed only 3x between 2 and 7.30. Huge, people. Huge.

But even better was the hour she spent with us last night, grinning, taking in the world, and most importantly-- not crying.

I'd like to take the credit, but ain't nothing changed. That's my new parenting philosophy: I do the best I can at all times, and I don't take credit for her easy behavior or blame for her bad.

But her good looks? All me. And possibly her papa.
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Anonymous said...

is it possible she is lactose intolerant?

smartinof4steve said...

To those of you who don't know my wife especially well, random diagnosis of various chronic problems with her darling baby, from a distance, do not instill thanks and gratitiude. Rather they piss off, and bring out the hackles.

Thank you for words I'm sure are meant to be helpful, but please refrain from back-seat parenting.

Able Ponder said...

oh honey, you're so protective.