Sunday, December 03, 2006

perhaps this'll post

I feel as if there's a vacation that no one has told me about.

No one has posted since November 29th, including the two celebrity gossip columns I check daily, despite the fact that there's been gossip to post about.

And blogger is behaving oddly, allowing my last post to be seen on some cumputers and not on others. 3 comments are invisible.

It's a strange world.

And a strange weekend, come to think of it. We spent last night being nauseous with envy at A and A's tinroofed, bead-boarded farmhouse complete with three beauteous dogs and a pond. I even dreamed about it.

This morning, K. and I attended the Methodist church 5 miles outside of Oxford. He dropped all the cash we had in the collection plate (checking with me first), and after we watched our bills sail away, he whispered "Maybe God will find us a farmhouse now."

Bribing God. Luckily, she'll know that we don't really mean it.

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Anonymous said...

Ah darlin'--daughter of my heart---I love that "she "reference to God!
All those year in church ,when I caught such flack from the two of you for using the feminine pronoun in all references to God.One lonely voice trying to balance to the sexist confines of our English language--rock on, girl!

Perhaps the oddities in cyberspace are all Al-queda related! No.I'm not doing Bush-speak---they threatened cyber attack on financial data online starting last Friday/who knows?

Glad to have you back-