Wednesday, December 13, 2006

here comes the sun

The funk hath lifted-- maybe because it just left, maybe because I got to turn down another job yesterday (apparently, I don't have to be a secretary), but probably because K. surprised me by coming home for lunch because he's the best husband ever. And we cleaned the house.

In other news, I'm wildly excited about the small Victorian we're moving to come New Years. It's not quite definite yet-- but I'd be surprised if it fell through. A proper yard (albeit not fenced), three porches, beautiful tall windows and ceilings, shiny wooden floors, funky old cabinets, and all in a quieter town 20 minutes from Oxford, two blocks from downtown, and on a peaceful side street. For a paltry amount of rent and a month-to-month lease, so we can move out the minute we find our farm.

The bad-- well, the yard ain't fenced. There's no garage for sweetie's workshop, the bathrooms are far from my ideal, and the guest room's gonna be quite small. Plus I don't think there's a washer/dryer.

But you know what? It's super-nice anyway. Everyone, visit come spring. I CAN'T WAIT. In this one, we're going to hang pictures and unpack our boxes. Myabe I'll even get a proper desk rather than boards on sawhorses with an old stool that's broken for a chair. Here's hoping.

I love y'all. Thanks for reading.


Big Nick said...

Memphis is the closest aeropuerta right?

Able Ponder said...


Memphis is closest at 1. hrs, but Jackson is 2 hrs away and FLIES SOUTHWEST.

boom, badda bing.

Able Ponder said...

sorry, 1.5 hrs away is memphis.

Danielle said...

oh my lord I am so excited about this! SERIOUSLY, I want to come help you unpack! I will bring my aerobed and sleep on the floor in a closet.

I am so excited about a real-for-real house for y'all down there. you will feel so much better with pictures hanging on the wall.

you should check into getting that invisible fencing for the pups. I think it might be something that you could take with you when you move, and it would mean they could run about w/o supervision.

So post some pictures of it already! I can't wait. I conceive of your life as so glamorous, somehow... it makes my very dull, probably-not-going-to-law-school-until-'08 life much easier to think of you down there living in the real-for-real old south, being a writer and drinking your tea.

........ That was my way of telling you that I think i'm going to wait until '08 to go back to school. I don't think that it's really because I'm enjoying this job so much, exactly - although I do like what I do - it's that the prospect of actually being financially *ready* to go to school is a very attractive concept :) And by '08 I could have squirreled away some cash right nicely.

Also, I like having medical insurance.

In other news, my dog has taken to peeing on the carpet in the doorway from the hall into my bedroom. It's not even a *real* pee either, it's a little bit of pee, a statement of some sort that I think is related to Chance and how much she loathes him, but Alex took Chance down to Alabama yesterday to stay for the holidays and yet she peed there again last night. Color me confused.

Alex has an interview in Nebraska tomorrow and one in February for Oklahoma. Think good thoughts about him. And while you're sending good thoughts, send some his way that will convince him to PUT HIS DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER - or maybe even empty the dishwasher once in a while.

okay... my browser froze up in the program for uploading these lists (wow, my job is so interesting). Better figure out what's what.