Saturday, September 02, 2006

hand on hip and jaw cocked

showered. in clothes that do not smell of woodsmoke. wearing flipflops. it's like a vacation!

after finishing the foundation, K. and I are at his parents' house for the night...and our day off tomorrow!

now, I'm tired of talking about the cabin. It's what K. and I do all day long, think about in the wee hours, and all of our outside conversations with other people include it. So I'll keep y'all updated, and when we remember our camera, I'll post pictures, but that's it, ya hear?

problem being, I have nothing else to say. We don't even listen to the radio. I haven't read a book in a week. It's funny how fast a world can get small. Which brings me to a previous ponder: aging.

Because we all know that I like to chew my nails to stumps over things that aren't actually pressing problems, I worry about aging all the time. Not just the physical aspects, but also the personality parts. It seems to me, in my admittedly extreme youth, that some people just...stop at a certain point. And it's not even when they're super-duper old. They stop changing and growing and all those new-agey things I'm so fond of and become more like caricatures of what they were when that stop occurred.

Anyone noticed this? A person whose life, opinions, habits become static and gradually become more like a default reality?

In the cases I've seen, it's as if these people have had some small internal spring cease to function, because of some life tragedy, or, in one case, laziness.

That "stopping" has gone on my list of things to avoid, along with becoming fat, wearing mommy-jeans, and unprotected sun exposure.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me----"mommy-jeans"?????Not here!
sounds like a pejorative statement
and I don't like that,as your mommy.

Angeline said...

Don't ever stop growing!!!! I met an awesome couple recently: Jerry and Carol. I don't know how old they are but they are retired and have grandchildren. I also didn't know them before, so I can't say for sure that they are still growing and changing. But...from the few months that I have known them, I think they are proof that we are never to old to grow and learn. Jerry just learned Photoshop the other day. He started an organization that will inspire intergenerational dialogue about the world that youth want to inherit. He keeps reading and learning and talking to new people. Anyway, I thought of him when I read your blog. I have the same fear of stagnation, so I will be here fighting it off too!