Saturday, August 26, 2006

how can i talk about ideas when I have so much NEWS?

My fingernails are chewed to the quick, I have a stress-induced spot on my face, and my toes are unpainted for once, but-- the house is empty. Packed. Done, pretty much, except the final cleaning we'll do before we leave.

And I better get my beauty act together because... K. got the job in Mississippi, where the girls take their looks very seriously. That's right-- our official unemployment period lasted a grand 15 days, though we still get September to build our cabin. We'll be driving to Oxford directly after VT, and K. begins work October 11th.

That's not very far away, but in that time period, I will spent a month in the woods, built a cabin, had a birthday, and moved up and down the east coast twice. It's a fast pace, these days, and I'm doing my best to stay kosher with all this tasty change...

But meanwhile, I'm going to shout out to my sweetie, who handles moving with excitement and unbelievable competence, my frequent standing-in-the-middle-of-the
-room-crying-and-mumbling-about-my-china-pattern breakdowns with grace, and negotiations with corporate bigwigs while in his underwear on a stool in our empty kitchen with aplomb. Throw in the fact he managed to take apart all the plumbing to unplug the sink, and I'd call him a winner. (man, did I luck out.)

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Anonymous said...

YEAHHHHHH! I cannot believe you didn't call me. It's about freakin time we actually live within driving distance of one another!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me the MINUTE you get there. . . I want to help you unpack, get settled, make you tea, and help you paint. I'm really good at painting, remember? :) . You will love the deep south. People are so friendly. . .and I just know the whole town of Oxford will be incredibly BLESSED by having you and the k-dawg. Yes, you've got to get use to saying things like "Bless your heart", "Do ya'll wanna go, ya'll?" And "I'm plum tired out". And get used to HUNTING, sweet tea, and the best cornbread in the world. Who knew I'd chose to remain such a dixie? Gotta luv it. . . WARNING. . . . Once you're sucked into the deep south. . . it's hard to ever get out. . . . I can't wait to rock on a screened porch with you and shadow!!! Stinkie