Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Finally, I have a thought.

Historically, I have remained on the fence about Hillary Clinton. She's smart. She polarizes people. She married a willy-slinger. She has the DC helmet head thing.

Apparently, Hillary is being seriously considered as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. This morning, while brushing my teeth, I listened to people talk on NPR about whether or not this was a good idea.

And you know what? I came out a convert.

EVERYONE thinks Hillary is a kickass senator who has done a great job. SOME people want her to run. And some people don't. You know why? Because they don't think she would win. Why? Because she's a woman. Over and over again: she's great, but America's not ready for a female president.

I understand that we need a good president next. I understand that the Democrats need a candidate who can win. But guys, come ON.

Let's look at the things Hillary Clinton has done right. Top student in high school-- no pot-smoking scandals there. Valedictorian with a political science major at Wellesley-- unlike Bush AND Kerry. She was the first student to deliver a commencement address and her peers gave her a standing ovation. Onto Yale Law, where she did well, did work for children, migrants, etc., and then became 1 of 2 female faculty members at the University of Arkansas's Law School. Throw in the pro bono work for poor migrant families, and I'd call her someone who has worked hard and used her power for good. She was named one of America's top 100 lawyers. (Incidentally, while she was First Lady, she continued working as a lawyer. Who knew?)

I'd like to be able to tell my daughters that if they really want to, they could become president.

But apparently, that's not true. Because here is a woman who HAS worked hard, who's undeniably more able than many of her peers and most the lame-ass Democrats we put up as candidates, and support is less than unanimous because she's a WOMAN?

Let's be logical here. She's past the childbearing age, so conservatives can't whip that one out. I'm sure she's post-menopause, so no need to worry about matters of state being interrupted by a period (although in my understanding, menstruation is considerably more easy to plan around than penises).

Also consider that Hillary has already been in the White House. She knows what this is about. Plus, she was married to a GOOD president, one whom people liked and the economy did well under, and he would be nothing but a political asset to her.

Lastly, what the hell could she do to worsen things? Increase the deficit? Jeopardize our foreign relations? Send the economy swirling down the tubes?

Give the woman a shot. She's certainly earned it.


Nicholas. said...

I agree.

I'd love to hear what K says though.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having a thought! And I do admit, it is a very good thought, and a very convincing argument.

When I was a kid I told my parents that I wanted to be the first female president. "That's sad" they responded. After a momentary gasp and look of complete horror on my innocent face, they explained to me: "We'd love for you to be President, but we'd be sad for the country if there wasn't a woman president by the time you're 35."
I tend to agree.

I can't wait to see you and K and the beautiful pups! I hope to hear from you soon.


Anonymous said...

I believe that desiring to be president--to the point of making the moral and personal sacrifices necessary--and truly thinking that you should be president, are two excellent reasons why anyone should not be elected.

My father is a huge advocate for Lyndon Larouche. I have never had any real problem with Lyndon's ideas, except for one: He believes he should be president. It makes me worry that something basic is wrong there.

Hilary. She's smart, no doubt. And it would be a delightful change, to have intellectual respect for our "leader". (Not that Bush is practically stupid. You hold the presidency for 8 years, do whatever the hell you want, and siphon billions of dollars out of public space to your friends, and do that while being an idiot.)

Hilary is ambitious. Really, really ambitious. And it's a sad commentary, on me and this country, that I find that a worrying characteristic. But she has done everything to become president, and I don't know why. And not knowing, I tend to distrust. What will she do when the chase is over? What's next? Legacy?

But my wife made some excellent points. And if a vote for Hillary meant nothing more than a viable social healthcare system, she can have my vote. Not my avid support and flag-waving enthusiasm, but my vote.

Not once in that little thought-process did I think of Hillary in terms of her sex.

Since the melting of McCain's convictions, however, I'm strongly back in the camp of: politician = sucking.


Anonymous said...

Is Hillary a mason ? A crook , an oil owner ? Does she kiss Arab's and Jew's ass ? She might get a chance !!! Altruism is unheard of as a president's qualification . The country is gone w/o integrety . Let's pray !!!

Angeline said...

Thanks for the info about Hillary's history. My dentist was talking politics to me, (more like "at me" because I couldn't respond while he was poking at my teeth with sharp metal objects), and his complaint about Hillary is that she is a white-collar criminal. He said she took a lot of money from prisoners in exchange for getting them pardoned. And he said people knew about this but she didn't get punished because she knew too many people in the right places. Does anyone know anything about this...??

On another note...the glory of being the first woman president is probably the un-altruistic motivation you were trying to pinpoint, Kagan.