Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just so you know: I'm still alive

So, went to India and back. How you?

We'll probably post a master trip summary with pics as soon as we get our act together. Right now, Kagan's waking up before I am, actually before dawn. I know. Bizarre. This morning he made me tea, fed the dogs, and got lunches together. I have been utterly usurped.

*As always, my plants grew better while I was away.*



I worried about you guys. I'm relieved you're home. :) You know, I love indian food, but I guess if it were swimming with microorganisms that wouldn't be so good. *a-million-smooches*!!!

nicholas said...

I want a full account.
And I want it to smell like mango lassi.

Jon said...

I'd better be presented with a smattering of pictures when Sarah and I come up in a few weeks!