Monday, March 20, 2006

One the first day of spring

Let's face it:

given last week's eighty degree temperatures and tomorrow's wintry mix, spring is a'coming.

Given the fact I spent my Saturday watching my younger sister deflect very fast, very yellow, and very small balls during her lacrosse playday, spring is a'coming.

Given that my sweet peas are once again RUINING MY LIFE by being WHINY LITTLE #$#^^@!s, spring is here :)

just for kicks:

One Third Of The Calendar

In January everything freezes.
We have two children. Both are she'ses.
This is our January rule:
One girl in bed, and one in school.

In February the blizzard whirls.
We own a pair of little girls.
Blessings upon of each the head ----
The one in school and the one in bed.

March is the month of cringe and bluster.
Each of our children has a sister.
They cling together like Hansel and Gretel,
With their noses glued to the benzoin kettle.

April is made of impetuous waters
And doctors looking down throats of daughters.
If we had a son too, and a thoroughbred,
We'd have a horse,
And a boy,
And two girls
In bed.

Ogden Nash

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