Monday, March 20, 2006

****the great panty debate****

Ladies (ONLY):


I am planning to send out letters to various women's magazines asking
them to assign me an article of great national significance: the best
panties for all different butts.

It has come to my attention that so often I spend ten or so bucks of
my hard-earned cash on a cute pair of panties, only to find that they
bag in the butt, dip too low in the front, or fail to reach around my
admittedly sizable ba-toot.

do you have a pair of underwear that fits perfectly, with no butt-sagging, panty lines, or love-handle amputation? Post a comment and tell me your age, size, and the brand/make of underwear.

And if you don't, say that too.

Come on. Just do it.



Anonymous said...

Age: 26
Size: Medium or size 6
Brand: Victoria's Secret low-cut V strings
(I know these aren't technically panties, but I don't wear panties. I wear thongs. And many other girls do too so your story should definitely include these. These thongs are great for day-to-day living. They wash & dry easily, never shrink, fade slowly and are fairly inexpensive. And they last forever. All 5 of my pairs are still going strong after 2 full years of daily wear. Note: these are not hotdate thongs, these are workday thongs.)

Anonymous said...

Age: 27
Size: Small or 5
Brand: Tommy Hilfiger boyshorts, lowrise.

They are great--low cut but they stay in place, feels like you're not wearing anything.

Anonymous said...

Age: 28
Size: 10

I am a mother of twins and don't have time to think about panties, usually. But you caught me on a good day. :o) My mother in law recently bought me a few pairs of Vanity Fair size 10 panties. They are fabulous. They are high-cut and filled with spandex. They keep in the jiggle and smooth the cellulite. I love them! Lots of my friends wear thongs, but they are a size 2 and have not a spot of cellulite on them, so why not? These panties I have were also great after my c-section because they didn't sit so low they hurt my incision, but were high enough to hold everything in! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Age: 40
Size: 10

My favorites are Calvin Klein panty and bra set. They have 2 little strings around the hips but are definately NOT thongs which I find incredibly irritating.

Anonymous said...

Age: 24
Size: Small
Brand: Hanes Her Way. Wal-mart. Bikini cut.
So, all my Victoria Secret panties fell apart within 6 months. Who wants to pay $7.50 a pair of cotton underwear, when you can get a better, more sustainable pack of underwear for $10.00? No wedgies. Great for daily wear. Not purposefully sexy, but fitted, high-leg, and the "hey, I look good in basics" kind of sexy. Wash/Dry and they last for years.

Anonymous said...

Age: 21
Size: 12-14, bangin hips and ass
Brand: American Eagle boyshorts with lace trim.

The best underwear I've ever owned in my life. I just checked their website, and apparently they don't sell them anymore. Which breaks my heart. The ones I have are very sporty/retro sexy, but sturdy enough to be worn daily. They hold up well, especially considering the lace. My favorite version that AE did has no center seam and comes in various pastels with darker shade lace.

Hannah said...

Age: 24
Size: clothes – 4, undies – depends….. which is where the problem arises
Style: Bikini

I have two companies that can cover my unmentionables. One is DKNY and the other is Girl Wonder by Undergirl. Now, neither of these panties have much in common except for the fact that they do not billow around my not-so-formitable arse, and, at the same time, they are not so tight at the waste that I have to wear them up around my breasts. Many undies have the problem that they are not meant for the low rise pants (which apparently are a staple of modern stores). Not that my pants go too low, but it makes me angry when my underwear are tighter then my nice loose, hip sitting jeans. Just because underwear is supposed to be snug to the body, that does not mean it has to have the grip of life around your waste to stay up – requiring you to go to the next size leaving your bumb with enough fabric to fix a sail. As the ableponderer knows from our high school years of making fun of my behind in underwear, I have had problems in the past. Granted, the growth of hips since that time has somewhat helped with the high school adventure, but the adventure has not quite come to a close. Good luck with the article – I’ll do a little plug on MySpace.

Anonymous said...

Age: 54
When you have found really good fitting underwear let me know . I want them made out of smooth cotton and seemless or with modest seems on the exterior of the panties . I often wear the ones I use [Hanes bikini ] inside out . When you find a bra made by a women for women please break the news as well . At my age a lo lo holder is a must but why can't the industies combine comfort and architecture and come out with sensible underwear .
By the way , to the young lassies who swear by wearing them thongs things ... I know this piece of info. won't change your habits : Be aware that the string that rides on your butt crack has increased the risk of urinary infections as some of the nasty bacterias ride that string and bring trouble to the front of your honey pot . A fact of life . The same as the skinny dippers or breast in the air habits have increased skin cancer of your breast feeding instruments ... Just take it from an old guizardette ,CAUTION is the word !!!

Anonymous said...

Age: 23
Size: Medium or size 6
Brand: xhilaration intimates (found at Target)

I like all of their boy-cut styles. They come in fun colors and patterns, low-rise or not. Most importantly, they stay put and are incredibly comfortable. There is no extra fabric in the back and they seem to be the perfect combination of cotton and spandex to be soft and yet be a perfect, non-sagging fit. Also, some of their line is matching bra and panty sets - so cute. And comfortable as well.

Every pair of their underwear that I own has held up very well. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd help you out.
My fav for the money are Formfit or Hanes bikini's (anything bigger is too confining).
But for a sexy, comfortable thong, go for Victoria Secret's Angel line

Anonymous said...

Age: 22
Size: Medium or 8ish (I got a bigger bottom)
Brand: inexpensive? Does that count?

I have to admit, I enjoy the boy-shorts. They highlight the curves more than the size of the bottoms. But, they aren't ideal for pany-line pants or skirts.

I also enjoy regular briefs. Simple, inexpensive, and if made well - don't go places that they're not supposed to be. Again, not ideal for panty-line pants or skirts.

cheers! ~Sarah

Anonymous said...

age: forgetaboutit
size: 6
No particular brand

panties seem to be more of a preoccupation for this younger generation. I suppose if I were designing my ideal panty, it would be cotton-that's a given-longlasting,fairly inexpensive--like definately under 10 bucks!-highcut on sides but below waist--that doesn't exist--and maybe even with a slight belly panel to counter the sags of age and babies,
but only there/not all over.

Anonymous said...

Age: 44
Size: Medium
Brand: Xhilaration at Target

I am a recent convert to the boy shorts, no elastic at the bottom. I have been a cotton, string bikini wearer for a number of years (Hanes) or Fruit of the Loom hi-cut bikini.
The boy short in cotton I don't love so much, but those cute ones with pink poodles on them (French Poodle is the brand I think), I am just addicted to. What feminist leader was it that said, "Wear pretty lingerie under your austere suit and it will be our little secret." I just have to agree.
Also am so now into the matching set thing. It is just the way to go.

Anonymous said...

The Big D (and i don't mean Dallas) here... (tangentially, i never
thought of calling myself the Big D, but i'm fascinated with it now and think i'll ride it for as long as i can)

age: 23
size: 16-18... size 9-10 underwear
brand: American Eagle briefs (which they don't have on the website, but i'm sure they'll be back... they have new undies all the time)

There are several issues to address.

1. evil elastic
- seems that elastic undies have plagued me all my life. seriously. given my rather meaty lower body (which has never had the i-don't-fill-out-the-seat problem), hanes/fruit-of-the-loom elastic always dug into my skin, leaving ugly red marks that took a couple hours to fade...

2. weight gain & loss
the elastic problem was exacerbated by the fact that i yo-yo in weight. my underwear buying never kept up with my weight, so small underwear were always around. the weight thing also comes into play because i have a belly. as i lose weight, my belly is still there, but the skin is looser. sometimes, my belly flops over the waist and that means that the elastic is under there, just being evil

3. i am not a tampon girl (except under the most dire of circumstances). this means that i am a pad girl. and finding underwear that interact with pads well is also a challenge. if you're not careful, the pad will shift and BOOM, you can only wear those undies on laundry day.

the angels sang on the day that i bought undies from American Eagle. Yes - i never thought I, a practically grown girl, would be slummin' it down in the middle school section. But i would go to war for these underwear. The elastic is hidden inside the waistband and leg-bands. the material is cotton with just a bit of spandex, and they have held up like iron. totally worth the money (given that my whole life i paid $5 for a pack of 6 undies and these go for $7.50 retail and $3.95 on sale, which is the only time that i'll buy them). they also come in XXL. gotta love it.

other notes: I also like target underwear - specifically the ones with sesame street charachters. (don't know the brand...) But there is danger there - you don't ever want to be caught with your drawers down in front of a cute boy... cookie monster can really kill the mood.

also, i have always wanted to have a dog and name it Panties.

onward and upward, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

age 23
size 8
brand: i've yet to find one I really like

I always have issues with pants falling off of my butt and underwear is no exception. Because of this, I tend to prefer boycut styles where the sag, or "lack of ass", isn't quite as apparent. And boycuts just make me feel sassy. It's like the cheek is peeking out at you, almost flirting with you in way. It's not all cheeks-on-parade slutty like a thong. Those just make me feel like I'm about to spread a disease.

I've bought a couple pairs of the superlowcut (and I mean LOW cut) boycut style from the Gap. I liked how they fit in the rear, but in order to do that they ended up probably being too small for my hips, and pulled too much in the front for my liking. Also, one was made of mesh material and ripped almost immediately. I guess that's good if you like the "vintage" feel, but it just makes me feel a little trashy to wear them. Then again, sometimes you want that in a panty.

As for bikini style, my second favorite, if we're keeping count, is a cheap 3 pack set I got from Old Navy about 10,000 years ago. It's lasted me far longer than it should have - not because of the quality craftsmanship, but because I refuse to throw them away. They bag a little in the butt as well, and the elastic has all but completely detached from the cotton, but I put up with them like my own child. I have memories with these panties. Plus, the waist band is as non-constricting as possible (even more so now that there is no elastic left...) and they are about the only pair of soft WHITE non-granny-panties I've managed to find.

On a side note, I hate victoria's secret. Not only are they overpriced, but they make me feel like there is something wrong with my body. The ass just bags to all hell and yet the elastic is tight enough to leave marks. How does that work? Aren't these people supposed to be underwear experts or something? maybe you just need to be a supermodel. Then everything is solved and life is a dream. Right.

Anonymous said...

Age: 23
Size: Large
Brand: The Gap
They are soft and lay flat against my body. Comfort is a huge factor for me.. they rock. Also, I just feel like I can't own really nice underwear right now. I'm just not ready for it.

Anonymous said...

age: 36
size: 16 jeans, 7 panties
brand: jockey no-line lo-cut
I have a typical hourglass figure, huge hips with teeny waist, and have had to wear granny panties since a c-section of a 10 1/2 lb baby almost 15 years ago. Yeah, wow. Stretch marks and ceserean scar need to be covered up so people don't puke when they see them. I thought, let's try something that doesn't make me feel 80 when I put them on, and bought these on a whim. They were on sale for $7 a pair which is more than I pay for a package of 6 at the discount stores for my granny panties. hehe. These are the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned cuz they don't ride up in the back and come out the waist of my jeans, nor do they pull down in the front, exposing the aforementioned wrinkly, saggy belly. Plus, when I do wear a skirt or form-fitting slacks, there is an absence of pantylines. yay! So, for those of us who cannot wear thongs (but secretly long to) the jockey undies are soft, comfortable, and almost sexy and well worth the money. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Age: 23
Size: Medium (4-6)
Brand: Victoria's Secret Bikini
As the poster child for the anti-thong movement, I love these! They stay in place so well and are the most comfortable things in the whole world.

Angeline said...

BackSeat brand. (by Undergirl)?
They're sports themed days-of-the-week panties. yeah, the're totally 7th grade. But the fit perfect, and I love Soccer Monday!