Friday, April 05, 2013


I am all-fired up because I think I may have a solution for the grand meat shortage of 2012/2013 and I CAN'T WAIT until it's in the store. I am so BORED with all our current offerings and everything feels stale and same-y and unexciting and I want the farmers to be bringing me battered white buckets of still-wet squash and figs and shining bowls of blueberries and tomatoes and some hippie trying to sell me basil that smells up the store and sunflowers shedding golden pollen onto the cafe tables and WHERE IS EVERYTHING GAH THIS IS TAKING FOREVER.

Sorry but that's how loud it is in my head.

Dixie is going to change the store menu too but we have to wait until the blankety-blank frigging book photoshoot is over and that's FOREVER AWAY and I want all the spring/summer sexy in-store now.

It's been two months since anything changed, after all.

On the plus side, I turned in my revisions yesterday which means that the world again seems like a bright and open place. Even though I have to cook this weekend. Which isn't my favorite, at all. I had to learn and now Cora and I take turns. Most beautiful weekend of the spring and I'll be in a windowless kitchen flipping eggs. On the up side, without the book sucking my energy away like some horrendous tumor, I feel sprightly enough to commit to going out to a barn to listen to a legendary bluesman with the fam tonight and we're attending a rodeo tomorrow.

The kids are entertaining and strange and a trifle pent-up as there has been so much cold rain this week. We all are ready to go a hundred miles an hour, I think.

Look at him go:

Saw me down by the chicken house and came arunning. My baby boy. He seems to grow three inches every night these days.

So! Pork chops, bacon, grassfed beef patties, ribeyes, chicken sausage with feta and spinach, organic chicken nuggets... keep your fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said...

You just GO!! Girl--damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead!!