Sunday, October 07, 2012


It is officially fall: first night heat on of the season, crisp days, red leaves, pumpkin soup at the BTC, the whole she-bang.

Today both of the kids left for the afternoon: Annaliese to a birthday party a fellow mama generously offered to take her to, and Caspian to a neighborhood park for a play-date with a sweet blondie whom he adores.

Annaliese heading off:

Playing with the boy until his date arrived:

K. and I seized the hour and went tromping through the woods at the farm. It's not quite in the bag yet: we're supposed to close next weekend, so there's still the ? in our minds if it's actually meant to be ours.

We hope so, though.

At one point, hiking up the stretch of wooded hill that comes with the meadows and the great arched oak trees and the old barn and everything else, I stopped and just breathed in. The smell of the woods in the fall. A smell I grew up with and now my kids will too.

That makes me very happy.


Anonymous said...

I so knew that was why you looked so tickled!!!


Vinnie+ said...

I am so excited for you. And for some reason, I am sort of dying to see the not so great house on this 20 guys will turn it into home quick spot :-} xo