Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Some Big-Ass News

If you haven't heard from my mama yet (I'm sure you will), a big thing happened yesterday.

I sold a book to Clarkson Potter, the cookbook division of Random House.

This came about because of the New York Times article in march. A NYC literary agent contacted me, said do a proposal, essays with recipes, and so I did.

The writing again, after 2 years away, felt great.

My proposal, 88 recipes from my good friend and cook Dixie, with sample essays and such, went out to editors last Thursday, and on Tuesday, the TWO-YEAR anniversary of the B.T.C., it sold.

Now I have 9 months or so to write the whole thing; it's slated for spring 2014 publication. I don't get any money for a couple months; they pay in 4 installments; the money has to be split among my agent, a photographer, taxes, Dixie, and me, plus a couple little amounts for some other key people. So I am far from quitting my day job :)

But it feels great. It feels unbelievable. I have written 2.5 novels and never even gotten people to read them. Selling a book before it's even written? Phenomenal. It feels like a gift, and a responsibility, and destiny, and other big things.

But most of all, it just feels like fun.

Thanks to my hubby for this sweet post that made me get a little teary.

Also, here's a pic of the kids this morning.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations,dear girl.
Cannot say I am surprised.
You have got what it takes
and MORE.
Looking forward to seeing what is yet to come.
Good JOB!!

Mel Francis said...

so proud of and happy for you!

Sarah L said...

Congrats! I remember taking writing classes with you back in university and thinking to myself that your writing would be known some day :) Who hoo!

Vinnie+ said...

I'm just about busting with this! You da ONE!!!

Correction: taint true "no one read" your novel....

You are. A. Writer. Those folks don't even know yet the magic word woman you really are....lucky them :-}