Saturday, December 31, 2011

hopefully there will be some kind of sum-up post.

with pictures and all that. someone should get on that!

but in the mean time...

in 2011, K. and I worked really friggin' hard.


We did NOT

-have a baby
- buy a house/building
- start a business
-any combination there of

which makes it completely unique in our marriage.

Instead, we worked.

And worked.

And worked.

But! The store had its best week ever last week. K's got two new tenants who have signed leases and written checks, which brings our total rent-paying legitimate tenants to 4 (not including the store), which means there is only one space left, and he JUST finished that one. Which in turn means the building is "cash-positive."

AND we took the kids out for dinner on an impromptu family adventure to Greenwood last night. And no one cried. No one got hauled out and spanked on a sidewalk. No one pooped in their pants.

I'm counting 2011 as a win.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2012 to Y'ALL!! Hope to see more of the family this year! And your lovely Christmas card with the good-lookin' father and kids was NOT QUITE PERFECT! WHERE was the MOST WONDERFUL, QUITE BEAUTIFUL A.???????

BTW, Santa misdelivered your package, so it has to get repackaged, readdressed, resent and hopefully DELIVERED this week!

LOVE you, each and EVERY one!