Monday, July 11, 2011

A grumpy-making week

Staff. Friends. Renters. The weather. The building. Money. But not, thankfully, my family.

We worked hard all week and then yesterday, after an am foray to polyurethane (K) and gym (me and kidlets), we did nothing.

At the end of the day, I said something about how lazy we'd been, and K said, really? Lazy? You think we're lazy?

I think I have problems with downtime. But it was fun and much needed anyhow.

This morning, I woke up at 6 and made myself a cup of peaceful strong coffee and was reading in the couch when in walked Annaliese. We ended up reading Miss Rumphius together, whispering so we wouldn't take up the sleeping boys, and then we went outside to pick tomatoes before it was 108 degrees, and we found a nest in my biggest plum tree, with just-born teeny tiny mockingbirds in there.

Annaliese said "they're so CUTE! I have to tell ----" and then she raced inside and whispered the tale to her sleeping Papa, who cracked an eye and then went back to sleep.

She poured the Cheerios into the bowls herself. Carried them to the table. And when Caspian, wearing his t-shirt and diaper and a sunny yellow Pacifier in his mouth, came toddling in, Annaliese gave him a hug and said, "Go jump on the couch while I get your breakfast! Go on, sweetie!"

And he did, and she did, and they are so darn cute.


I did an interview with Annaliese during our lazy Sunday afternoon. My favorite?

Me: what kind of job do you want to do when you grow up?
Annaliese: Walk in the street by myself. Please.


So I am going to hang on tight to the things that make me happy this week, in the face of whatever rolls down the pike. It's been a hot slow Monday morning, but already I've had to deal with someone who quit unexpectedly, look at a cooler leaking mysterious fluids, and listen to a customer describe the terrible feng shui of my store.

At least we had enough money to make payroll and pay a few bills this morning.

And there's a white bowl brimming with freshly picked cherry tomatoes and basil on my kitchen counter at home.

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget the customer who asked you last week if you would marry his son,while his wife frantically poked him---I love all the funny/sweet/odd and sad tales of Miss Alexe's store and life.Log them.You are gathering enough material to give Fannie Flagg a serious run for her money-