Thursday, June 02, 2011

2 years, 5 years, where do you start?

We are not old by any means, but after you know someone for a decade and have babies with them, it's kinda striking how old you're becoming.

We have Financial Documents and a station wagon and plan beach vacations and take our daughter to dance lessons and set up birthday parties and Annaliese has her first dentist appointment next Wednesday and when, exactly, did our life, which used to consist of decadent weekends amidst the long slog of term papers and finals, become so... here?

We always planned this. Kids, dogs, garden, chickens.

But it's pretty fun to step back sometimes and go, Wow. Just because we wanted it all, here it is.

Caspian turns two tomorrow morning, sometimes around 8:30am. Which means two years ago right now, I was making tea and about to write in my journal, not really knowing that I would labor all night alone with only an Ian Rankin novel for company, into the dawn on the porch, and finally call the midwives after taking a bath and washing my hair at six am.

I am going to save Caspian Pierce's birthday post for tomorrow. This one's for me and sweetie McSweetie. The one I always thought was really cute.

Go us.

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Anonymous said...

yay,you all rock!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Goddaughter! I knew it when I was taking pics at your high school graduation party at Aunt P's and Kagan was tickling your ear.... "A matched pair," I thought.... ;-)

Happiest 2nd Birthday to Caspian Pierce - who REALLY ROCKS!!! He's a lucky fella to have such super p's and an incredible big sis!

Bisoux, Aunt J