Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

2011 has so far been a year of small and precious miracles.

Bowls upon bowls of strawberries from my VERY OWN GARDEN in a state where strawberries do not grow well. Feeling closer than ever to my husband of over 5 YEARS. Watching my store begin to gain a toehold on life. Witnessing my children growing up.

I am one blessed lady, in my blue house on my Mississippi hill.

Hanging out in the perfect weather, feeding the chickens stale Kix and feeling the sunshine on our skin...

Watching my girl set the table and take care of her brother and run around like a banshee at our town's festival yesterday....

Seeing the sun shine through my mother's day present from K in my clean kitchen....

And of course, my sweetie himself, who is currently cooking bacon and talking to his mother, because he's a good daddy, husband, and son.

Happy Sunday. Happy Mother's Day. And Mom, thanks.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you,Alexe, for being my beautiful wonderful/wonderous daughter.Pearls beyond compare-