Friday, December 17, 2010


K was gone and now he is home. The difference is that life is sweet when he's around; when he's gone, it's more of a drudge. (It must be love!) (Ya think?)

Some difficult store things going on that have resulted in me losing /firing a vendor. It makes me a little sick, really. I want to help people's businesses, not hurt them. But, of course, I had my reasons, and they're pretty compelling. But still.

Running my own business has been like a personal improvement course: I can't procrastinate, I can't let things slide, I have to have difficult conversations. For someone like me who hates it when people don't like me... it's been an education.

And Christmas is coming. My family is coming. The third year my mama and sister have trekked down to Mississippi, and I'm so glad. It wouldn't be Christmas without them. And this year, for the first time, we have TWO little kids who know what's going on. We're excited. They're excited. Annaliese has been going around saying, "Jesus's birthday is coming!"

So. We're doing. And vacation, our first-EVER, in 2+ weeks.

So much excitement.

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