Saturday, December 19, 2009

teeny weeny update

Children update:

Caspian's on a strict schedule approved by his pediatrician and I'm hoping the night wakings will decrease soon (we're already down to 1!). Since we are also down to one nurse a day, I'm also going to start making him homemade formula as according to the Weston A. Price FOundation, which will save us zero dollars and cost us mucho but I trust the ingredients much more than Nestle. He's also got six teeth!

Annaliese is talking, talking, and we're letting her stay up until almost 8, after the usual dinner-bathtime routine, and she loves it. Our favorite time of day with her.


K's on vacay and growing out his beard. We're enjoying our super-comfy new mattress and wishing we had more time to cuddle together on it. There's a lot of teasing, we both have books we're into, and tonight we're going to his company's Christmas party.

Bigger thoughts later.


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Stacy said...

Yay Westin A Price. I have yet to own a copy of Nourishing Traditions but a few friends have been so kind to lend me theirs. Got started with chicken stock, whey, ginger carrots and homemade ketchup (with lots and lots of honey!) Let me know if you want to compare notes! Merry Christmas! Stacy