Thursday, November 05, 2009

Between the time change and the refusing to take an afternoon namp, Caspian has gone to bed at 5 and 5:30 respectively for the last two days.

Which means:

1. He really smelled bad until this morning, when I made K give him a bath before breakfast, because he was asleep for bathtime.

2. He wakes up at the crack-- and I mean crack-- of dawn. And gurgles and chortles until Annaliese wakes up. Which means AFTER the dogs have been let out and we've played 14 games of Fort and read 3 books and sung 8 songs and given the baby a bath and finally filed into the kitchen for breakfast, it's.... 6:56.

It's kinda cool.

1 comment:

Big D said...

I'd rather have a smelly&sleeping baby than a cranky&awake baby :)

Sounds like you are all on a very Ayurvedic day cycle! When i come visit I am going to teach you all about my current obsession with Indian/Yogic medicine :)