Saturday, August 09, 2008

After a long hard week, this Saturday has been like a present. The weather is delicious summery the way summer should be, with that faint harbinger of fall in the air. We slept with the screen doors open and the ac off last night...And Annaliese, after a remarkably grumpy week, is cooing on the rug before me and playing with a bowl, a comb, and the dog, rocking back and forth and trying to pluck strands of the rug up. Not to mention Danielle is here and so I have both good company and someone to hold the baby.

There was a fab F Market this am. I didn't bake this week... just sat under the magnolia tree and watched young moms and families and old people walk through, stopping to chait and make plans for the future. It is such a good thing, this market, and it feeds my soul like church does, only I get to wear a t-shirt and run my mouth for 3 hours.

Last night, we learned that Annaliese likes penne. Pretty cute huh?

And I took this one about five minutes ago. Check out the shiny eyes...and the teeth! She's flashing them!

Happy Saturday, all.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, she's turning into a little person more and more with every picture. Sarah and I need to get down there before she starts driving and/or goes away to college!

Carrefour said...

We loved seeing you all Saturday-- it was perfect, wasn't it? Sitting here eating muscadines while I type.

And what i it about babies and pasta? Billy bangs his tray and stuffs his face whenever I give it to him.

Anika said...

I can't believe it how much she's grown. Makes me kinda sad that I can't see her more often...
Incidentally, find me host families for two exchange students and I gat a free flight to the USA!

Sarah L said...

She's getting so big! While I was out of the country I didn't have the URL for your blog so I missed a month and a half of growth. I can't believe it!! Hope you're still doing well. Seems that you are :)