Tuesday, March 25, 2008

another wordy post sans pics...check back later this week!

I just returned home from an all-day trip to Memphis with Annaliese. K. was at work, and though I was nervous about the whole sole expedition with an infant...it went brilliantly.

She napped on the way there, ate and had her diaper changed pre-a Wild Oats run. Rode peaceably in the Baby Bjorn for an hour's worth of grocery shopping, then napped on the way to the midwives, then ate/diaper again so she was bright-eyed and chortling for the hour with Amy and Andrea. Another small feed and then an hour-and-a-half nap back to WV. Brilliant!

We're now thoroughly stocked up on meat and I'm once more cognizant of how much I miss sisterhood...I love visiting the midwives so much, and unless I get knocked up again, I'm out of reasons to go back there. And I just don't love them that much.

Finding funny women who speak the same pregnancy/parenting language as me is so affirming. The moms I know locally are all overbooked with little time for socializing, and my good friends are sans children, so the only people I get to talk to about my child and random parenting thoughts are my husband and my mother. And whining about my post-partum body isn't really what I want to do with either one (though I still do.)

It's not what I expected, since I've always heard about moms groups being hotbeds of sisterhood...but of the few moms in my age group I know, they're working full-time, and with small children and husbands, that leaves them less than zero time for get-togethers.

Maybe my circle will expand when Annaliese enters pre-k, but that's a long way off.

In the meantime...


Carrefour said...

I think those moms groups we hear about are fantasies--one more thing dreamed up to make us feel a little inadequate.

Just about all my friends who've had kids sing the same refrain--feeling isolated, cut off, head buried in just trying to make it through work/baby/cleanliness routine for any time of their own.

For my part, I really miss working out. In the past 8 months, I've exercised exactly twice. I tried to think back to when I've been less active, and the answer was... NEVER. Which makes the post-baby bikini body a thing to fear, fear, fear.

Anonymous said...

You could always move to Vermont, where there is absolutely nothing else to do but hang out with your friends! And then you would have huge helpings of caitlin and me! Plus.. babysitters:)