Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Even though NO ONE COMMENTS anymore, I have decided to write you a I’m back blog anyway.


So, 4th of July, rah, rah—no seriously, rah. I have never at all been happy to be an American until I went to India. Alright, so our president sounds EXACTLY like my majorly alcoholic and very much in denial father every time he opens his mouth (really—it’s spooky), and we underpay our teachers and fund the drug and oil companies and all the other things that we liberals (me included) weep in our lattes over. But people, believe me, be happy to be an American. There’s a reason people cling to rafts and roast in trucks and walk through deserts to get here.

In other news:

I don’t know if I’m more honest or just meaner than everyone else out there. Is no one else scarily competitive about cooking or incredibly mean about other people’s success? Is it really just me? I scared K. yesterday when I raised my head from a biography of Colette (thank you, I’m a genius) to listen to a book review on NPR. The book review itself didn’t make much of an impression. Instead, it was the speaker’s voice—nasal and drawling on the last word of each statement, reminding me of a precocious yet arrogant know-it-all. I said, “that’s one annoying voice,” and K. agreed with me.

Then I found out it was Curtis Sittenfield! This made me so happy, I crowed out loud.

You see, Curtis Sittenfield is on my I hate her because she’s too successful list, which generally includes all commercially successful female writers under the age of 28. After 28 it’s ok. Don’t ask me why.

I have never read a book of hers. I just know she wrote a boarding school novel and struck it big, and for that and nothing more, I dislike her. After I’m famous, I’m sure we’ll be friends.

But anyway. Anyone? Jealousy? Anyone?

A very important meeting at my very important job looms. So someone say something already.


Anonymous said...

Just because we're all being quiet, doesn't mean we're not here. We could just be waiting until you fall asleep so we can

I'm going to stop myself right there. If you guessed this was Jon, you'd be right.

Anonymous said...

Sarah here~ Sorry about the lack of comments. I am lame, it happens.

As for being scarily competitive about cooking: I can put myself in that category. My dream is to someday be on the Iron Chef, because I know I will be able to beat the pants off those guys and gals. Lack of culinary training? Not a problem here. I'm half Italian and grew up with chefs-for-parents. Somehow, that seems to make me qualified (in my mind).

Onto the "jealous of other people's success" category. I will also join you there, but I do have to qualify my reasons. I am jealous of people that are successful in both their professional and personal lives. The green claws of jealousy usually grip me when I'm seeing a young, beautiful gal who has a fabulous professional life and a happy home. She seems to have it all, and I'm working hard to do that too. But since I'm not there yet and the hypothetical 'she' is... then I get a bit, well - jealous. But if someone is successful in just his/her personal life, or just his/her professional life then I applaud the success and try to help him/her in the other area. Usually that all ends in frustration though.

Enough out of me. I could babble all day if you let me. Have a great day!!!